I am a Freelance Digital Product Designer and Web Developer providing web solutions for different domains including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and public relations. I am currently working on designing solutions for ERP, e-commerce, data visualisation and various static and dynamic websites of different sizes. Along with these projects, I am also working on development of a product - kamkazi.com. With this product, the idea is to build a one-stop solution for freelancers who often struggle with various problems with business development, project management, invoicing and tax compliances, etc. Kamkazi.com will provide all kinds of tools to freelancers so that they can better focus on work execution.

From August 2013 till January 2018, I worked with a startup called StepOut Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as Product Designer + Director of Technology. I was part of the core founding team since beginning of the business. I experienced the journey of establishment of a business starting from recruitment, team building, counter challenges by setting up the processes in place and enforcing them. As a technology enthusiast, I have continuously proved my capability and position by keeping tap on upcoming technologies and providing right solutions, system upgrades and implementing processes in the company. Defining scope, market positioning, branding and designing promotion of in-house and client products have been my key role, along with leading the creative design and development teams. Additionally, I have headed HR, payroll and recruitment processes, office administration and operation processes there.

Prior StepOut Solutions Pvt. Ltd., I served CEB (now Gartner), Gurugram, India for 6 years. I worked in capacity of Web Developer with Content Publishing Solutions (CPS) department where I executed various design and development projects for IT Practice including online decision support centres, benchmarking tools, interactive infographics, and more.

With multidimensional experience of corporate, startup and freelance professional, I completely understand clients at different levels and their requirements. I believe in continuously raising my level to become a great contributor to strategic thinking and brand building. I can easily become a performing modulator between the various departments like user experience and marketing with my good communication and requirement gathering skills. I proud to have testimonies from clients as a real innovator who provides his digital product learnings and practical knowledge to take the product to its next level.